Painting Nights is your painting studio for one evening in a special place. For this edition, we move to the former Luminus electricity central in Ghent. De Centrale, the fascinating cultural and meeting place that today resides in and around the Turbine Hall, opens its doors to the industrial caverns of the building on Saturday 17 December. Which corner will you take charge of?

Where else to find warmth during cold winter months than ín 'the chauffage of Ghent'? In the 1980s, the generators of the city's power station were turned off cold in Ham. Nowadays you will find De Centrale, a warm and vibrant haven that focuses on the power of diversity. And there, hidden behind the concert hall, lurks the old Turbine Hall. Two floors with gigantic generators and an infinite network of pipes: this is where we and a lot of other painters take out the brushes for one evening.

As with every edition of Painting Nights, it is not about the result, but about the pleasure of painting somewhere inspiring. That evening, painter Bart Spitaels will take you along in his fascination for industrial pearls. He finds inspiration in pipe systems, machinery ( whether working or not) or electricity plans, and as a teacher he will be happy to look over your shoulder to help you along.


WHERE? De Centrale, Kraankindersstraat 2 (Ghent)
WHEN? Saturday 17th of December 2022 from 17h00 to 22h00

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TICKETS: €15 (included: guided tour in active Luminus-central, sandwich, painter's easle, coffee/tea)

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